182 g/t Gold in Rock Chips from Reynolds Range Project, NT

Sample RR24-040 on the right assayed 182 g/t Au

iTech Minerals fast tracked gold assays from the Reynolds Range Project to get an early indication of the gold potential of the prospects visited in the recent rock chip sampling program. The results show great potential for both high grade low-sulphide gold style veins systems at the Sabre and Falchion Prospects with outstanding rock chips up to 182 g/t gold and gold associated with copper mineralisation at both the Scimitar and Reward Prospects. The Company eagerly awaits the remaining copper, silver and base metal assays in the coming weeks.


  • Fast tracked results for gold assays from rock chips at Reynolds Range have returned up to 182 g/t Au
  • Results for copper, silver, base metals and lithium are still pending and are expected in coming weeks
  • Numerous outcropping low-sulphide gold style veins systems were identified and sampled at the Sabre, Falchion and Troutbeck prospects
  • New mineralised trend identified over 1km south-west of Sabre with rock chips retuning up to 4.1 g/t Au
  • Mapping and sampling have confirmed the potential for widespread copper, gold and silver mineralisation across the ~70km of strike Lander Shear Zone covered by the tenement package
  • The iTech team is currently defining drill targets for both the coper-gold and gold only systems
Location diagram of EL 23655, EL 23888 and EL 28083 with location of rock chip samples taken and significant gold results.


The reconnaissance sampling field trip was primarily undertaken to check the validity of existing gold and copper-gold prospects identified by previous explorers. To get a short-term understanding of the gold potential of the prospects, the gold analyses, undertaken by the fire assay method, were fast tracked to get early results ahead of the copper-silver and base metals. These preliminary results confirm that there is significant potential for gold mineralisation within the Reynolds Range tenements, both in gold only low-sulphide vein style systems such as Sabre and Falchion, but also with polymetallic styles of mineralisation, such as at Scimitar and Reward, which have appreciable amounts of copper and silver associated with gold.

Of the 16 samples taken from the low-sulphide gold vein systems, 4 met or exceeded 1.0 g/t Au with an outstanding assay of 182 g/t Au at Sabre. Of the 11 samples taken for gold with copper, silver and other base metals, 4 met or exceeded 1.0 g/t Au with an assay of 3.4 g/t Au associated with copper mineralisation at Scimitar. Considering the reconnaissance nature of sampling, iTech is pleased with the strike rate of significant gold results.

The Sabre Prospect

Four rock chip samples were taken at Sabre and another two approximately 1.1km to the south-west where additional gossanous quartz veins were found to be outcropping. Significant results include

RR24-040 – 182.0 g/t Au
• RR24-044 – 4.1 g/t Au (1.1km southwest of Sabre)
• RR24-042 – 1.0 g/t Au
• RR24-043 – 0.8 g/t Au

The Sabre Prospect is part of the >42km long Stafford Gold Trend and contains shallow gold workings associated with the Lander Shear Zone. Gold mineralisation is associated with sub-vertical quartz veins and stringers with fine disseminated sulphides (pyrite, pyrrhotite +/- arsenopyrite) in zones of sericite alteration over a strike of at least 500m.


The fast-tracked, fire assay, gold results at the Reynolds Range Project provides iTech Minerals with significant encouragement to advance exploration for copper and gold at the project. In particular, the 182 g/t Au rock chip at Sabre shows the potential for very high-grade gold in the low-sulphide quartz vein style of mineralisation. This style of mineralisation appears to be widespread with significant results at Sabre, Sabre Southwest and Falchion, covering an area of 1.8km x 1.1km. The confirmation of gold mineralisation with copper at Scimitar and Reward adds significant value to these polymetallic systems. iTech is currently generating drill targets at Scimitar Project which has a significant untested EM anomaly believed to be associated with the nearby outcropping mineralisation.


The remaining copper-silver-base metal and lithium assay results are expected in the coming weeks and will help the Company prioritise the copper-gold and gold targets for drill testing.




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