• Drilling has been completed at:
    o Ethiopia Kaolin-IAC REE Prospect o Bartels IAC REE Prospect
    o Burtons IAC REE Prospect
    o Caralue Bluff Kaolin Prospect

  • 478 drill holes completed, averaging 20m in depth across the three prospects for a total of 9,805m

  • To date, results from 49 of ~ 478 drill holes (10%) have been received

  • Additional 108 drill holes completed at Ethiopia and Caralue Bluff due to positive visual results for kaolin

  • Sample analysis is progressing with the next batch of results due within the next two weeks

  • Drillholes are undergoing a mixture of REE and kaolin test work with turnaround times of between 6-8 weeks


iTech Minerals (ASX: ITM) is pleased to report that its maiden drilling campaign has been completed at the Company’s Eyre Peninsula tenement package, targeting REE ionic adsorption clay (IAC REE) and high purity kaolin mineralisation.

The Company has completed a total of 478 drill holes across 4 prospects for a total of 9,805m of drilling. Most samples have already been submitted for analysis with the remaining holes to be submitted over the coming weeks.

“iTech has reached a significant milestone with the completion of its maiden drilling program on the Eyre Peninsula. Promising early results from Bartels have identified a new clay hosted REE prospect with further results from Ethiopia and Burtons IAC Kaolin-REE prospects and Caralue Bluff kaolin prospect eagerly anticipated.”
— Managing Director Mike Schwarz

WATCH MD Mike Schwarz discuss the drilling program while in the field at the Ethiopia Prospect.


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