First batch of results from the recently completed drilling at the Bartels IAC REE Prospect confirms significant intervals of REE mineralisation in the clay rich, weathering profile

This confirms Bartels as a third IAC REE prospect in addition to the more advanced Ethiopia and Burtons Prosects

Significant intersections include:

o BAAC22-008 – 15m @ 1594 ppm TREO from 12m

o BAAC22-010 – 16m @ 936 ppm TREO from 4m
o BAAC22-021 – 15m @ 724 ppm TREO from 0 m

o BAAC22-007 – 17m @ 583 ppm TREO from 13m

In the southern area, mineralisation covers an area of over 1.3km x 1 km and is open in multiple directions

Additional mineralisation occurs a further 2 km to the north-west, with further drilling required to fully test the extent at both locations

Samples from Ethiopia and Burtons are currently being analysed and will be reported as they become available

“The Bartels prospect was the most early-stage target of the four prospects being tested in the current drilling program at the Eyre Peninsula Kaolin-REE Project, so the fact that our first pass of drilling has returned thick intervals of high grade REE’s from surface over a large area is very encouraging and really highlights the prospectivity our ground in the area.”


The aim of the initial phase of drilling was to test the potential for ion adsorption clay (IAC) REE mineralisation at the Bartels Prospect on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. iTech has confirmed, from recently received drill results, that significant intersections of REEs occur within the weathered horizon at Bartels and have the potential to form IAC REE style mineralisation. Metallurgical work on mineralised samples will be required to test the extent to which the REEs are easily leachable.


In January this year, iTech announced it had identified a new zone of REE mineralisation in a weathered, clay rich horizon at the Bartels Prospect, in the southernmost part of the Eyre Peninsula tenement package (Fig. 1). In 2012, Archer Materials drilled 3 reverse circulation drill holes targeting gold mineralisation in epithermal systems. One drill hole, EPIRC12_003, intersected significant rare earth elements in what is described as kaolinised coarse grained felsic, this hole was drilled to identify strike extensions to gold mineralisation.

• EPIRC12_003 intersected 21m @ 2298 ppm TREO from 55-76m 

o including 9 m @ 3054 ppm TREO from 55-64m
o and 7 m @ 2626 ppm TREO from 69-76m

EPIRC12_001 and EPIRC12_002 intersected alteration and significant gold mineralisation but didn’t intersect the kaolinitic felsic unit identified in EPIRC12_003.

iTech has now completed first pass drilling over the prospect and has identified a large area of approximately 1.3 km by 1 km with significant REEs close to the historical “discovery” hole EPIRC12_003 (Fig. 2). Mineralisation appears to be in the weathered horizon close to surface and relatively thick with intersections up to 17 metres. Importantly, the mineralisation is open in multiple directions and has the potential to expand with further drilling. An additional zone of mineralisation was identified, in three drill holes, approximately 2 km to the north-west. Further drilling is required to establish continuity and extent of mineralisation at this location.

Next Steps

Discussions have been held with ANSTO to determine the best sample size, location, and leaching conditions to undertake a comprehensive program of metallurgical optimisation. Options include varying a range of conditions including varying pH and leach times, multiple leach stages and the additional washing steps.

Having received positive drilling results from Bartels, iTech is eagerly waiting on results from the recently completed drilling programs at Ethiopia and Burtons. Once results have been received and announced, the Company will select representative samples from all three prospects to undergo a program of metallurgical optimisation. Samples will be selected to broadly assess metallurgical performance of mineralisation from differing geological characteristics such as regolith zones and varying depths from surface


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