• Drilling has commenced on iTech Minerals’ REE and Kaolin Project on the Eyre Peninsula

  • Extensive drilling campaign will drill test 1) Kaolin-IAC REE prospects at Ethiopia, 2) IAC REE prospects at Burtons 3) IAC REE prospects at Bartels and 4) Kaolin prospects at Caralue Bluff

  • More than 370 drill holes planned, averaging 15-30m deep across the four prospects

  • Drilling is expected to take a total of 6 weeks to complete with samples submitted in batches as drilling progresses

Drilling at Bartels Prospect

“After conducting such a thorough review of these prospects iTech is excited to be commencing this extensive drilling program. At the completion of the program, we will have a good understanding of the potential for both REE ion adsorption clay deposits and high purity kaolin deposits across our tenure on the Eyre Peninsula.”


iTech Minerals Ltd (ASX: ITM) is pleased to announce it has commenced an extensive drilling program, across its Eyre Peninsula tenement package, targeting REE ionic adsorption clay (IAC REE) and high purity kaolin mineralisation.

The Company has been able to secure a drill rig earlier than anticipated and has now commenced drilling at the Bartels Prospect for IAC REE. The drill rig has become available on the condition it can meet a previous commitment for two weeks of drilling on a nearby project starting in the last week of February. iTech aims to be nearing completion of drilling at its three IAC REE prospects by this stage and will then redeploy the drill rig to complete drilling at the high purity kaolin Caralue Bluff Project once the rig returns.

Ethiopia Prospect Drill Location

Burtons Prospect Drill Location

Bartels Prospect Drill Location

Caralue Bluff Prospect Drill Location


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