“The most exciting part of this development is the previously overlooked REE potential at the Ethiopia Prospect is complimentary to the Company’s existing Kaolin exploration program and gives us a lot more opportunities for exploration success in our upcoming drilling programs.”


  • Test work of historical drilling from the Ethiopia Prospect confirms the potential for thick intervals of high purity kaolin at surface

  • Rare earth element indicator Cerium (Ce) is elevated in clay rich intervals, suggesting additional REE potential

  • Widespread REE and kaolin enriched host rocks point to broader potential

  • Resampling of 41 historical drill holes for REE and kaolin potential is underway, and results are due in late November 2021


In preparation for the upcoming ASX listing and drilling programs at the Eyre Peninsula Kaolin Project, iTech Minerals Ltd (ASX: ITMiTech or Company) has undertaken a detailed review of historical data held by both Archer Materials Limited (Archer) and the South Australian Department for Mining and Energy. The review confirmed iTech’s view of the kaolin potential of the Ethiopia Prospect with kaolin test work on historical drill samples confirming thick intervals of high purity kaolin from surface with good recoveries.

While the team remains focussed on the kaolin potential, the review of data collected by previous explorer (Adelaide Resources, 2007) seeking uranium in the region, revealed that the geochemistry of those same samples showed highly elevated Cerium (Ce) values, indicating the potential for coincident REE Ion Adsorption Clay mineralisation (IAC). An extensive review of other historical data uncovered a high grade REE rock chip (>5% TREO) and the presence of a 5.7km x 2.5km outcropping allanite bearing monzonite nearby, all of which point to a REE enriched basement source in the area. iTech has sent selected samples for more detailed laboratory analysis and is expecting results in November.

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